Frama, QLTY-LIFE's brand partner, is a design studio located in central Copenhagen in the historic and protected neighborhood of Nyboder. The Frama Collection (lighting, kitchens, furniture and accessories) focuses on solid materials with natural finishes and simple geometry. The objects within the collection signal a return to basics, where the design appearance aims to be honest and pure. 

QLTY-LIFE is Frama's exclusive representative within the US.


Assembly Design

Assembly is the collaborative work of Pete Oyler and Nora Mattingly. Founded in 2012, Assembly creates high quality objects with a forward-thinking aesthetic. From one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and objects to small batch production and site-specific interior installations, their approach to design is interdisciplinary in spirit and process.

Black Creek Mercantile & Trading Co.

After years working in the furniture and interiors industry Joshua Vogel created Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. as a way to explore small scale product design and manufacturing, and to reconnect himself with the practice and idea of handmade goods. All of BCM&TCo.'s products are made by hand in their Kingston, New York studio. BCM&TCo. seek to connect good ideas with great materials through simple processes that, in turn, connect their customers directly to the essence of the work. 


Gense has cooperated with skilled and well-known designers since the 1920’s in terms of stainless steel products for home and household. This makes them the first company in Sweden and one of the first in the world. Many of their products and cutlery models are design classics that last generation to generation.

Karimoku New Standard

Aiming to preserve and revitalize Japanese forests and resume a balance with local forest industry, Karimoku New Standard products are made using sustainably sourced Japanese hardwoods. These include maple, chestnut and oak-low-diameter trees. Their pieces are made to bring lasting joy, true to the credo that a piece of furniture should last at least as long as the tree it was made from.

Maison Louis Marie

Finest quality and delicate scents, Maison Louis Marie will enchant your lifestyle. A floral tradition since 1792. LA based, Paris inspired.

Once Milano

Once Milano is the story of beautiful linen products, a story where excellence of tradition finds a new beginning. The company strongly believes in the tradition of hand crafted Italian textiles and are dedicated to bringing this tradition to the creation of their unique home linen. 

Ox Denmarq

OX DENMARQ is a Danish company producing exciting furniture in contemporary materials. Their first designs were primarily made of high quality vegetable-tanned leather combined with stainless steel or wood. Since then their portfolio has extended to include materials such as marble, brass and copper.

Restart Milano

There are objects, design procedures, manufacturing processes and traditional means of usage which are deeply engraved in time. RestartMilano begins by taking a fresh look at them from a different perspective. Ranging from anonymous design – which Munari and Castiglioni were so fond of – to big-name design, RestartMilano provides an alphabet for writing dialogues with the present and creating short-circuits between what no longer exists and what does not yet exist.

Zalto Glassware

In the northern part of Lower-Austria the tradition of glass blowing goes back to the early 14th century. The Zalto family, a glassmaking dynasty whose roots reach back to Venice, settled down in this region six generations ago. Since then Zalto has been producing high quality hand-blown glass in Neunagelberg. True to the tradition of the Zalto brand, the glass house offers connoisseurs superior and state of the art glasses today. All of them hand-blown by highly skilled glassblowers. 

Please view the web shop to purchase select items online. All other pieces can viewed and purchased in store.